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McBride Factory

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McBride Factory

CSS Caribbean has completed the installation of a fire system in our new manufacturing facility at Lowlands, Christ Church. The system was professionally specified using high flow, quick response sprinkler heads and now covers over 24,000 square foot of floor space in four buildings.

As you are aware, the nature of our operations and type of product being stored on site requires high level of performance from the installed system. The quality of components used were very high and the installation crew were very professional and efficient. Every effort was made to keep to the promised deadlines and the crew were very cooperative in responding to adjustments in the design scope. They were also able to come up with creative solutions to issues that developed on site, and were able to interface with other equipment suppliers involved in the project.

Over all I have been impressed with the quality of their staff, support network and the finished product, and therefore would recommend them to others looking for cost competitive efficient systems in keeping with NFPA standards.

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