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Turn your guard into one


Prepare your guard for the unexpected by enabling them with an immediate response panic-alert button & 24/7 live-monitoring to ensure you receive their optimum security service.


Both your property and your guard will have back up with immediate emergency response services for your & their wellbeing.

Your guard will have 24/7 live monitoring from our central station, to ensure his duties are completed and have support in the case of the unexpected.

Unlike any other ordinary checkpoint-RFID-reader used by security guards, Hero will enable your security-guard with 24/7 live monitoring.

Your Hero has a call-in and panic-alert button for immediate response services to assist in the event of the unexpected distress.

Your Hero is fully equipped with a Guardian which ensures security guarding duties are carried out rather than discovered whether or not they were done the next day.

Live monitoring provides you the real security that you want, while at the same time protecting your guard with immediate response services.


Durable & Reliable


Its more than an ordinary checkpoint RFID reader


• MAN-DOWN function - notification of threats to the life of the user

• Power down by button combination - feature enables to switch off device in designated areas without necessity of housing opening

• Modern, 4 band modem u-blox - secure GSM connection

• Comfortable programming/debugging socket - easy and quick way for full device configuration using computer and cable

• Capability of adding a Bluetooth module- possibility to expand system by extra accessories (headset, GPS module)

• Remote configuration - comfortable maintenance and time saver

• Encryption of transmitted date - full safety of data transfer

• Increased event buffer capacity up to 1000 events - long lasting and easy device operation in areas with no GSM network coverage

• System event history - evidence up to 5000 events enabling to diagnose causes of possible problems

• Device status monitoring - diagnostic mode for person implementing system

• Increased sensitivity of RFID reader - better device usage comfort


  • HERO

  • RFID Reader
  • Two-way Communication
  • Notifications of threats to the life of the userMan Down Alert Function
  • View your Guard's tour live at all times.Real Time GPS Tracker
  • Water Proof
  • Indestructible up to 100 Pounds of impact force
  • Call & Panic Alert
  • Event History
  • Technical & Software Support
  • CSS Monitoring Station
  • Immediate Response & Emergency Back Up


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