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Redefining Business Security


“Secure your business & property with the latest security technologies”


Security Solutions

Protect & secure your property, employees & assets with someone you can trust; and you can trust CSS Pulse. We are dedicated to ensuring you and your businesses strength and security.

Fire Prevention

Prevent fires using 24/7 security monitoring & immediate response service and significantly benefit from reduced insurance costs with smart fire systems.

Fire Systems

Protect your property with Smoke detectors, heat detectors, sprinklers and carbon monoxide detectors.

Intruder Detection

Secure your property with intruder detection system & access control along with 24/7 immediate response service.

Intruder Detection

CSS Pulse uses the latest security technologies to secure your property with intrusion prevention and detection systems accompanied with 24/7 immediate response services.

24/7 Security

Feel reassured and more secured with our 24/7 emergency response service whether it is an intrusion, fire or safety compromise warning.

Protect yourself

See My Guardian to find out more details on how you can protect yourself, your employees and your personal car.

CCTV Security

Secure your property with high-performance IP CCTV system.

View your Property

View your property from anywhere around the world with any of your smart devices.


Secure your business with only the best


• Secure your business with a High Performance IP CCTV.

• View your business offices and property from anywhere in the world by using any of your smart devices.


• Create restricted areas and unwanted entry with access control.

• Monitor and manage staff enter and exit times and create timed locks.

• Prevent fires with smoke detectors.

• Receive emergency notification and response services.


• Prevent asset loss and building damages with sprinklers.

• With an improved fire system, significantly gain on savings from reduced insurance costs.

• Intrusion detection Motion Sensor.

• Receive emergency response services.


• Locate and track your vehicles where ever you are.

• See its current speed and get G Shock notifications when impact.

• Prevent your building from exploding!

• Carbon monoxide detection is important to prevent fires and body poisoning along with possible fires and explosions.


• Get acoustic detection and window shatter detection.

• Feel reassured with emergency alerts and immediate response services.

• Protect your property and assets from flood damages.

• Get emergency alert notifications and 24/7 Concierge services to fix the problems.


• Protect your property with intruder detection door & window systems.

• Get emergency response services when someone enters your property without permission.


Management Solutions


“Let us put time in your hands so your business can focus on the important things”


Vehicle Monitoring

Let us locate and monitor your vehicles and provide real-time status updates & notifications so you can focus on whats important. (Speed, G-Shock, Tracking)

Car Troubles

Have access to a 24/7 immediate response service for car troubles.


Team Management

Manage your technical team, security guard or other staff with 24/7 real-time monitoring services.

Team Updates & Alerts

Receive live location updates and enable them with two way communication to prevent & manage problems.


Asset Tracking

Monitor and track your asset's real-time location.

Asset Transportation

Receive updates when delivery is completed or receive emergency notifications when problems arise.


My Fleet


"How is my driving?" It is very important for your drivers to represent the company well when driving on the road, so don't let others tell you about their poor driving, let us prevent it.

It is even more important for your drivers to get to their destination to service clients or complete their deliveries/duties on time without any problems that could possibly slow down your businesses' daily progress.

Track your businesses' drivers with real time location and data-logue.

We will monitor your vehicles and send out alerts to prevent accidents or speeding violations along with status notifications when tasks have been completed or disrupted.

With any of our packages you are entitled to a 24/7 Concierge service for your convenience.


My Team


Your technical team and other staff members will be more efficient than before when they are enabled with one of our devices and our service that comes along with it.

Your technical team will have 24/7 live monitoring from our central station, to ensure their duties are completed and have support in the case of the unexpected.

Our devices will enable your personnel with 24/7 live monitoring.

Your device has a call-in and panic-alert button for immediate response services to assist in the event of the unexpected distress.

Your device is fully equipped with a Guardian which ensures duties are carried-out rather than discovered whether or not they were completed the next day.

Live monitoring provides you the real efficiency that you want, while at the same time ensuring business progress.


My Asset


Protect & secure your valuable items from theft & damage with your own live view from your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Let us monitor your assets and provide alerts for situations such as movement or physical impacts to the item.

Get real-time locations of your assets when delivering them to prevent loss, damage, or theft.

Our devices have G-shock sensors to determine if a package has received an impact.

Let the number one electronic Security Company protect you, your home & your business...