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Barbados Prison

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Barbados Prison

CSS installed state of the are electronic security systems at the Barbados Prison Facility. Over 1 million feet of cable was installed for 400 cameras, 787 doors, 900 terminations of fiber optic network, microwave and high security fence detection system – all installed in 10 months.

CSS performed the security and detention equipment installation here at the New Dodds Prisons in St. Philips, Barbados.

They were contracted under WFI/Delmarva from the US to install wiring, terminate and set the various system that are in this facility. The system here is very complex and has many systems integrated into an operator friendly PC based systel developed by WFI of New York.

They provided the required manpower to keep up with a fast track schedule that put forth by the Government of Barbados and Commonwealth Construction Canada ltd. The project was large and challenging for everyone involved. It lasted close to two years during the contraction phase.

I have enjoyed working with this firm throughout the project and would recommend this firm to any prospective clients.

Dean Nicol

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