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The Ritz Carlton

CSS was contracted by Desacrollos Hotelco in September 2012 to supply #1037 custom made wood doors with corresponding steel frames and door hardware for the new Ritz Carlton Aruba hotel construction project. DHC also charged CSS with providing technical expertise related to door openings solutions to allow the hotel project to maintain its code compliance as designed for fire safety, life safety, emergency egress, and acoustic levels for the project.

We would highly recommend them for any similar large hotel projects, for both the back of the hosue and the front house doors supply.

Luis Hernandez

Project Engineer

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Cricket Worldcup 2007

CSS supplied, installed & supported 154 Access & Crowd Control Turnstiles in 8 countries for 9 stadiums.

Release of Performance Guarantee / Contract between SL Overlay Services (The Principal) and CSS Caribbean (“CSS”, The Subcontractor)

The principal (SL Overlay Services ltd) hereby certifies that the Subcontractor (CSS) has performed its obligations and completed its works in compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract they entered into on 6 January 2007.

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Queen Elizabeth Hospital

CSS was contracted by the Board of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH( to implement a major security upgrade project which commenced in November 2006 and was completed in July 2008.

The supply and installation of an integrated security system for the QEH was a major undertaking for any security management company. In this regard, CSS had to demonstrate a sound record of experience in the field of integrated security management with the prerequisite management team and technicians who were capable of implementing the project in an institution where there is ongoing activity on a 24 hour basis.

In my capacity as the security consultant for the project, it is noteworthy to state that the CSS team demonstrated a high-level of professionalism throughout the project despite the administrative challenges associated with the institution.

The CSS team’s overall performance was very commendable and I would recommend them for their professionalism and competitive budgetary approach to effective solutions.

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McBride Factory

CSS Caribbean has completed the installation of a fire system in our new manufacturing facility at Lowlands, Christ Church. The system was professionally specified using high flow, quick response sprinkler heads and now covers over 24,000 square foot of floor space in four buildings.

As you are aware, the nature of our operations and type of product being stored on site requires high level of performance from the installed system. The quality of components used were very high and the installation crew were very professional and efficient. Every effort was made to keep to the promised deadlines and the crew were very cooperative in responding to adjustments in the design scope. They were also able to come up with creative solutions to issues that developed on site, and were able to interface with other equipment suppliers involved in the project.

Over all I have been impressed with the quality of their staff, support network and the finished product, and therefore would recommend them to others looking for cost competitive efficient systems in keeping with NFPA standards.

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Barbados Prison

CSS installed state of the are electronic security systems at the Barbados Prison Facility. Over 1 million feet of cable was installed for 400 cameras, 787 doors, 900 terminations of fiber optic network, microwave and high security fence detection system – all installed in 10 months.

CSS performed the security and detention equipment installation here at the New Dodds Prisons in St. Philips, Barbados.

They were contracted under WFI/Delmarva from the US to install wiring, terminate and set the various system that are in this facility. The system here is very complex and has many systems integrated into an operator friendly PC based systel developed by WFI of New York.

They provided the required manpower to keep up with a fast track schedule that put forth by the Government of Barbados and Commonwealth Construction Canada ltd. The project was large and challenging for everyone involved. It lasted close to two years during the contraction phase.

I have enjoyed working with this firm throughout the project and would recommend this firm to any prospective clients.

Dean Nicol

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The Mustique Company

Mustique Company

This letter serves to confirm that The Mustique Company ltd. commissioned the professional services of CSS Caribbean for the Island wide installation, testing and servicing of CCTV surveillance equipment and software. We continue to utilize their services each year as the project expands and to service the system on a regular basis.

All the services provided were exceptional and the CCTV project has been a complete success for the safety and security of Mustique Island. The quality of the hardware, software and the knowledge and expertise of the technicians has been of very high standard.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to others.

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